The Techie Talk by KP, BP and VB – Sep 10th 2015

California Governor Vetos Drone bill

AMD Spin offs Radeon
Raja Koduri will be leading the Graphics division

Samsung Building RAM into the Chip

Georgia Tech Crowdsourcing Fiction

Canon 250 Mega Pixel Sensor

Apple Event
Heart RAte Monitor for mom and baby
More bands

iPad Pro
Bigger 12 inch
3rd Gen A 9X Processor 2 X Memory
Four Speaker
Pencil $ 99
Keyboard $ 129.00
10 Hour Battery
22X Performance Over the original CPU
360X Graphics over the Original
$ 799.00 for the 32 Gig

iPad Mini
The refreshed iPad mini 4, a new 7.9-inch tablet with the “power of the iPad Air 2,” will cost $399, and the iPad mini 2 will see a price reduction to $269.

3D Touch
Camera from 8 MP to 12 MP
Apple TV
Glass Remote
Siri Integration
get movie recommendations and look up sports scores or the weather while watching TV