The Techie Talk by KP, BP and VB – April 2nd 2015

Anti trust against Google in EU

Microsoft Surface 3

New Chromebooks
Amazon Introduces Home Services
US Navy Creating a drone that swims
The fastest way to move a submarine is through the air. At least, that’s the logic behind “Flimmer,” a new flying and swimming duck drone currently in development by the Naval Research Laboratory. Profiled in the winter issue of Spectra, the NRL’s magazine, Flimmer may go beyond a weird name and become a powerful submarine-tracking tool.
While it might be inspired by a duck, Flimmer certainly isn’t built like one. It has fins hidden on the ends of its wings, like a cubist’s suggestion of what duck-ness might really be. In flight, these fins fold upwards to stabilize the craft, and a pusher propeller at the back of the Flimmer provides thrust. In the water, the rear fins, as well as a second pair further up the body, steer the robot. Flimmer can not only fly through the air and swim, but it can make the transition between the two easily. On smooth seas, it can land like a seaplane, but for rougher conditions where that’s not possible, Flimmer will dive into the water like a duck.
Comcast to provide fastest Fiber optic service Gigabit Pro
The US cable giant is today announcing a new 2Gbps broadband service, which it will start rolling out in Atlanta from next month.

It will be symmetrical — meaning you’ll upload just as quickly as you can download

To get connected, you’ll need to be “within close proximity” of Comcast’s fiber network and accept the installation of “professional-grade” equipment.
Tracking Birds using Geolocators

The Blackpoll Warbler’s Daring Trans-Atlantic Migration

Office Lens from Microsoft
Office Lens is a handy capture app that turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner and it works with OneNote so you’ll never lose a thing. Use it to take pictures of receipts, business cards, menus, whiteboards or sticky notes—then let Office Lens crop, enhance and save to OneNote. Just like that—all the scanned images you capture from Office Lens are accessible on all your devices.
Identifies printed text with optical character recognition (OCR) so that you can search by key word for the image in OneNote or OneDrive.
Converts images of paper documents and whiteboard notes into Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files for easy editing and reformatting (see moredetails here).
Captures business cards and generates contacts you can add to your phone.
Inserts images to OneNote or OneDrive (as DOCX, PPTX, JPG or PDF format) and gives you options to save, export and share the image.