The Techie Talk by KP, BP and VB – April 23rd 2015

Find the links below for reference that we used for the show.
#Comcast Deal off

#Robots in #Japanese Banks

Why #videoGame bodies look nothing like real people


This is what the inside of your head looks like when you sing

Researchers can watch that muscular symphony at work in real time.

#Drone with Radio active material on Japan’s PM office

One Old #Android Phone Could Make All Your Dumb Things Smart

#Amazon trial delivers packages directly to #Audi cars

Best revenge on a cheating boyfriend: Drowning his #Apple products

#Sony Launching thin TVs

For 2015, Sony will offer six new series of 4K Ultra HD TVs. The X830C, X850C and X930C/X940C are available for pre-order today and will ship in May. The X900C/X910C will be available this summer.

Fastest Japan Train


#Hollywood Prima Box

The box is also equipped with accelerometers and will stop working if it’s moved (to quote Yeager, it “Mission Impossibles itself”). It’s tied to an individual homeowner, and an invisible watermark on every movie identifies which box is in use. That way, if a recording does show up online, an owner can be identified and put in the hot seat very, very quickly.

Without user intervention, movies are automatically delivered to the PRIMA box several days before their theatrical release over its business-class internet connection at 40 gigabytes apiece

There they sit, encrypted, until the studio signs off — and that’s when the biometric authentication comes into play

Only authorized users can rent a movie, which requires that they swipe their thumbprint across the futuristic, angular security terminal designed by BMW’s contract design arm, #DesignworksUSA.

The rackmount PRIMA box is crazy, too. It has yet another thumbprint scanner, dual #HDMI, dual gigabit Ethernet, dual power supplies, and a #RAID 5 array where all the movies are stored. In other words, absolutely everything is redundant. “There’s no single point of failure for anything on this device,” says Shawn Yeager, #PRIMA’s co-founder and CEO. “If anything goes wrong, it’s going to really have to go wrong before it upsets your client.”