The Techie Talk by KP, BP and VB – April 16th 2015

Chess champ’s high-tech cheating scheme involved an iPod touch

These are the 7 craziest accessories for your iPhone

Google Handwriting Input

Microsoft apps will be bundled on Cyanogen Android devices

Galaxy s6 and now Cynogen
Europe opens antitrust investigation into Android

A final key area will focus on whether Google is tying or bundling its apps and services on Android devices with other Google apps, services, or APIs.

“there are far fewer Google apps pre-installed on Android phones than Apple apps on iOS devices.”
Microsoft Yahoo Search Deal
Microsoft and Yahoo have amended a 2009 search partnership, giving Yahoo more control over how search results are displayed on desktops and mobile devices.

Yahoo was responsible for sales for Bing search ads. Microsoft and Yahoo plan to transition sales responsibilities starting this summer.
Wiki Leaks lets you serach Sony hacked Emails
Net Neutrality Discussion

Dyson’s New Filtered Hand Vac Is Designed To Suck Your Mattress Clean