Mana Desam Mana Rajyam by Nagesh Panchagnula

Dear Friends,

In today’s world it has become a fashion to curse the government . irrespective of which party is ruling, whether state or central governments. Most of us do not exactly know what Is democracy. Today People understand politics as a dirty game where there is no room for a wise men. Unfortunately the definition of a wise men is undefined.

It is to be remembered that while demanding the best government and best political environment for our country, there are certain fundamental duties that every citizen of a country is expected to know and live in true spirit of such fundamental duties. One who does not protect his right has no right to question. In Latin it is termed as “Volenti non fit injuria”. One who volunteers cannot be injured.

As we have forgotten our duties and responsibilities, we are ruled by the selfish people in the shadow of several “isms”. Like Socialism, Secularism, Fundamentalism, Capitalism, Communism, Regionalism, casteism, Hindu Nationalism, Islamic Nationalism, Pseudo Secularism etc and the list goes on.

Over the past few decades, Selfish people and power mongers for achieving their temporary goals, have been dividing the people of the nation based on caste, community, social status and with regional and local political agendas of their own according to their own whims and fancies are forming governments and becoming law makers.

Order of the day is to pick few bus words from constitution of India like Social Justice, Uplifting the Masses, Local agendas, giving away freebees, exempting financial loans todays leaders are trying to come to the helm of affairs. But they are forgetting the fact that they are sleeping with a big snake which will weaken the sovereignty of the country very soon, if not addressed by us. As we all know the key principles of democracy is “For the people, By the People and Of the People”

Which in turn has become Far the People, Buy the People and Off the People.

If we do not raise and walk together it will be soon Indian democracy will lose its vigor.

All the above policies that are being implemented in India by our political parties and their leaders is divisive strategies. They are also selfish and situational strategies to fulfill their selfish and evil thoughts.

So join us for analytical discussions with a true nationalistic perspective with converging attitude towards India’s Might and the Motherland’s glory and in the interest of her children.

“Manadesam Manarajyam” calls upon every citizen in India and all those who are living abroad to join their hands for betterment of Mother India and her past glory.

I appeal ,

“Silence of an elite is more dangerous to the nation than the deeds of a traitor”.
“దుష్టాచారుడైన దుర్జనునికంటే నిష్క్రియుడైన సజ్జనుని వలన దేశానికి చేటు”
“दुर्जनोंके दुष्क्रियता से ज्यादा सज्जनोंके निष्क्रियता से देश को खतरा है”

Nagesh Panchagnula
Host (Mana Desam Mana Rajyam)

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