Dr T Sundara Raj Perumall

Education MD (Ayurveda) MSc (Psychology) Samskrita Kovida Chief Physician Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Chikitsalayam.  Dr Sundar Raj Perumall is record holder for number of Vahni karmas (Ancient AyurvedaTreatment Procedure) done in Andhrapradesh in the past ten years. Specialises in treating spinal cord disorders. Currently working on treating the most challenging set of diseases namely Auto immune disorders.

Tries to create awareness about disease prevention through Ayurveda way of life by conducting Ayurveda exhibitions, seminars, workshops. Also tries to handle the problem of unhealthy life style by making comedy short films promoting health through his YouTube channel swasthaanand network. Currently trying his hand in Go Adharita Vyavasayam (cow based agriculture) at his farm in koduru near visakhapatnam. Also works for uplifting villagers of koduru through his VARAMU Charitable trust and till now helped them start three small scale industries in association with National Institute of Rural Development. He strives hard to create a world which is happy and healthy.