Dr. Kiran Boggavarapu

Dr. Kiran Boggavarapu (Dr. B) is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics, at McNeese State University, LA, USA. He completed his PhD from University of Hyderabad, India. Dr. B’s research interests are in the areas of computational aspects of Clusters and nanomaterials. The main focus is on the structure, reactivity and catalytic properties of clusters and nano-systems of physical, chemical and biological interest. His research contributions include classification of aluminum hydrides for hydrogen storage (alternative energy source to gasoline) and the concept of “baby crystals”, smallest possible units that mimic bul. His general philosophy of research is to provide fundamental understanding of the chemistry that underlie the observed phenomena. With the help of this ‘new knowledge’ one can envision designing novel systems with desired properties.

Dr. B is committed to educating and dissemination of the scientific knowledge to the general public. He will participate in the ‘Science Talk Show’ discussing current advances in chemistry, physics, mathematics and much more along with other scientists.