Science talk with Dr. Gouthami and guest DR. Dhulipala – Genomics in Health and Research

Functional genomics also provides clues and underlying mechanisms in inherent diseases. This provides information for health providers to diagnose the disease and for therapeutic applications.

On other hand, Genetic alterations (gene mutations) due to various diseases such as cancer, mental retardation, birth defects, and neurodegenerative diseases are used as hallmarks to diagnose the diseases. The genes they contain will provide ‘molecular targets’ for diagnostics and therapy.

Therefore, this talk contains both the informations and how the genomics help in health and disease.

I am going to invite DR. Dhulipala to share the session. Dr. Dhulipala is an enthusiastic Scientist and Biotechnology Advisor from Baker Hughes company from USA. He got 5 patents and various awards including prestigious 2016 Mario Toppo distinguished scientist award from ASIOA scientific community from USA.